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I am/was the legal parent/primary caregiver, with medical and legal decision making authority for my child during treatment who has or had pediatric type cancer.

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Which Momcology Diagnosis Groups would you be interested in joining?

All Momcology support groups are run under guidelines and are peer moderated in accordance to our established guidelines.

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Which additional Momcology support groups would you be interested in joining?

Momcology Online Hospital Support Groups

These regional connecting groups have been created by hospital parents and are run under Momcology support group guidelines with responsible peer moderators.  

*Represents an offical partner program hospital

Are you interested in joining the Momcology Shop & Outreach Group?

This group is the only place within Momcology online support where items for sale, any childhood cancer foundation outreach including events, opportunities, recruitment or fundraising may be posted.  If outreach of any kind is posted in a Momcology peer to peer support group, that outreach will be automatically transferred to our Shop/Outreach group by a Momcology admin or representative.   This group is a wonderful place for Momcology members to share ways to help the foundations and projects that are personally important to them, with each other.
Momcology Guidelines-Please Read *

Momcology provides emotional support through online support groups, retreats and information services to mothers and legal caregivers of children and adolescents who have been diagnosed with cancer.

To ensure Momcology groups remain a supportive and safe place for everyone, we have developed Momcology Guidelines. These Momcology Guidelines apply to all online support groups, and all Momcology events. Momcology reserves the right to remove inappropriate comments and/or posts made by members of the group if they are in violation of our mission statement.  

While participating in Momcology groups, please be aware of the following guidelines:

-Please treat one another with respect. Contributions by a Momcology community member must NOT: be defamatory (a defamatory comment is one that may damage the reputation of a person or organization); be threatening, abusive, harassing or invasive of a person's privacy; be sexist, racist, blasphemous, homophobic or otherwise discriminatory and/or offensive.

-Postings should not promote violence or advocate, condone or assist an unlawful act; describe violent intentions towards oneself, other people, or organizations. Please do not use Momcology groups to attack other organizations.

-Do not post pornographic, sexually explicit, obscene or lewd materials or intentions.  Do not be profane or post profane material or illustrations.

-If you are worried your post may be offensive, disrespectful or mean, we advise you to not post it and please be aware that these types of posts may be removed by a Momcology Admin after a peer review. (We strongly advise against posting topics that cause controversy amongst our delicate community.   Some of these topics include strong positions on politics, vaccines and religion. Posts and comments that become hostile toward other Momcology members or unproductive to our mission, will be removed by a group administrator.)

-Momcology is a non-sectarian organization with no political or religious affiliations.

-Copying and reposting of private information or thoughts with the intent to hurt, any form of bullying or harassment and the use of extreme profanity is strictly prohibited in Momcology.

-Members should not post photos with medical ID numbers.  Although information should always stay within a Momcology group, do not post personal information that could be copied and used in an inauthentic way.    

-The purpose of Momcology support groups is not for non-profit or personal outreach for sales, events, organizations and personal initiatives.  Momcology does have an Outreach/Sharing/Shop group specifically designed for outreach within our parent community.

-Any members who are found in intentional and continuous violation of our Guidelines will be removed and/or banned from our groups.  We may ban someone without warning, at our discretion, at any time.

-Respect the privacy of one another. Information in our groups should remain in the groups. Momcology is a safe place to land with fears, concerns, disappointments, and joys.

-Do not post your address or phone number in the groups, and, if you have the address and phone number of another member, don’t share it in a post.

-If you feel personally attacked or unsafe within a Momcology online peer support group, please contact your group administrator or email us at  so we can research and do our best to mediate or rectify the situation and/or conflict as soon as possible.  The Momcology Team is committed to keeping Momcology groups safe.  

-If you feel a spammer has made his/her way into a group, please contact us immediately at so we can research and rectify the situation. We will act as promptly as possible.

These Momcology Guidelines have been put into place to ensure that all members, no matter what their personal and private beliefs are, should always feel comfortable in our Momcology support groups and events.  We appreciate your help in keeping Momcology safe, secure and approachable for all who seek support from other parents.  Thank you!
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Thank you!

Here's what's next:

Your application will be sent to a Momcology volunteer and you will receive a confirmation email with simple instructions. This additional step ensures that Momcology groups stay safe, secure and just for parents and primary caregivers of children who have been diagnosed with cancer.  We are excited to connect you to other families very soon.  

The Momcology Team